Process is invisible, result is temporary

Untitled Artworks™, founded by Erasmo A. Ciufo in March 2020, is an independent label born in Milan, balancing hand-made techniques with streetwear elements. Designed from a narrative standpoint, it is both a reflection on the common roots of modern societies and his personal experience as creative director of music super stars and fashion brands.
Untitled Artworks is a step back from the loudness and temporariness of the fashion industry. His ‘arcane modernism’, is a visual commentary that reflects his fascination with pre-historic symbolism, human interaction and ancient art. Released is a sequence of collections (‘Series’) that remain un-named, Untitled Artworks is not just a missing name. It means giving up your name for the sake of the values you stand for, offering a blank space to the viewer’s interpretation and consolidating the consumer as the first interlocutor. It represents a search for a more intimate and connected dialogue with alternative and conscious minds.
Originally conceived as limited edition artworks, where unique pieces were created with artisanal processes pursuing the timeless beauty of man-made artefacts. Each garment came with imprecisions and imperfections with the purpose of restoring value to the essence of human presence, its intrinsic value. Alongside these unique pieces drops, since 2022 the brand is releasing yearly collections made of natural fabrics (cotton) and hand screen-printed using mainly waterbased inks.