Circular Energy


At the beginning of our existence there were no names, no proprieties, no differences, just shelter, food, survival and existence.

Untitled Artworks studies craftsmanship and ancient art, in a permanent creation process with the final intent of bringing your mind to a time in which natural instincts and primordial values are the only ones that still matter.
The oldest enigma of humanity.

Men FW23

Circular Energy

Introducing the FW23 collection – a deeper dive into the notion of belonging. Inspired by the traditional and cultural formalisms of the academic world, this collection showcases a playful interpretation of the artist’s naïve approach. Balancing between academic formality and spiritual freedom, Untitled Artworks explores a DIY and artisanal approach through worn-out details and repaired patches. Through a visual investigation aimed at researching and narrating the stylistic features of the most traditional sources of culture, such as the educational institution and publishing, “Circular Energy” collection pays homage to our roots. Featuring both formal and sporty garments, this collection reminds us of the world and culture we belong to, and celebrates the importance of affirming and honoring our heritage through fashion.


Creative Direction: Erasmo Ciufo
Photography: Nicolò Parsenziani
Light Assistant: Giovanni Rabaglio
Production: Francesca Graziano
Digital: Edoardo Montaccini
HMUA: Simone Piacenti
Creative assistant: Andrea Gaglione
Styling assistant: Carla Sobrini